06 Nov 2007

DNA Tests Show “Chupacabra” Really a Coyote

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US scientists say an animal found in Texas is not the chupacabra – or goat-sucker – of American myth, but a coyote with a hair loss problem.
DNA tests on the carcass found at a ranch south-east of San Antonio yielded a virtually identical match to coyote DNA, biologist Mike Forstner said.

The coyote was one of three found dead by rancher Phylis Canion this summer.

Central American myth has long spoken of a vampire-like creature that slays livestock by sucking out their blood.

The chupacabra is said to attack its victims at night, leaving a trail of carcasses with their throats torn out.

Mr Forstner said that he himself had assumed the creature brought in for testing at Texas State University was a domestic dog but “the DNA sequence is a virtually identical match to DNA from the coyote”.

Ms Canion and some of her neighbours discovered the 40-pound (18-kg) carcasses of three of the animals over four days in July outside her ranch in Cuero, 90 miles (145km) south-east of San Antonio.

She said she had saved the head of one of them to get it properly tested.

Additional hide samples have been taken to try to determine the cause of the animal’s hair loss, Mr Forstner said.

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Steve Bodio

The Chupacabra is a coyote and the Bigfoot a skinny bear, both with mange (I hesitated to post there because it seemed pointless to argue). But anyone who has skinned either (ahem) could figure that out!


dont believe in chuppacabra
I do believe in sasquatch 100%
its the largest primate and is extremly
woods smart it knows about the changing
world it doesnt want to be bothered
with humans although curious about
our locked un inhabbited winter cabins
or our tent set-up with a campfire in
the middle of nowhere ,they wouldnt
harm us. because they know we look
like them walk on two feet . I do wish
someone would catch one with tranquilizer
darts and carry it off and cage it and then
put it online for the world to see
or on national tv


My god some people are stupid with fear over anything they dont understand. If its not a coyote then it surely is one of the larger hairless breeds of dogs, such as the Mexican or Peruvian hairless. Superstitious nonsense always seems to get into the new first.

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