31 Dec 2007

Fred Thompson’s Message to Iowa Voters

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17:01 video

Many YouTube commenters were strongly moved by Thomson’s Reaganesque speech, and so was National Review’s Peter Robinson:

While the other contenders are frantically saturating the Iowa airwaves with 30- and 60-second attack ads—Romney is guiltiest, if only because he’s richest—Thompson has sat himself down, looked into a camera, and spoken for a quarter of an hour, calmly and straightforwardly making his case. I myself find this impressive—in a way, moving. Thompson seems to have stepped out of the eighteenth century. He trusts voters to think. And if the comments on YouTube are at all representative, plenty of people agree. …

While we await Mr. York’s next dispatch, take a look at the Thompson video. Politics as, from time to time at least, they really ought to be.

If Fred Thompson keeps speaking like this, I think he has a good chance of winning the GOP nomination.

One Feedback on "Fred Thompson’s Message to Iowa Voters"

Scott D

It was, after all, his speech in support of Barry Goldwater in the final week of the campaign that launched Ronald Reagan on his way. Could the Republican nominee — whoever he is — take note of this as a more effective campaign strategy than simply pointing out Hillary’s obvious flaws?


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