18 Jan 2008

Sharapova’s Scream

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A lot of tennis-players grunt with effort upon striking the ball, but the fetching 6′ 2″ (188 cm.) Maria Sharapova produces a veritable kiai, which the Melbourne Herald Sun measured at “71.5dB — louder than a vacuum cleaner (70dB) and approaching the level of a power drill (80dB).”

Little do they know in Melbourne that, at Wimbleton in 2005, Sharapova was measured reaching 101 db, almost as loud as a police siren!

One Feedback on "Sharapova’s Scream"

Frank Dobbs

My built-in number-checker says:
In fact 71db is only about 1/8th as loud as 80dB. That is not quite “approaching.”


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