26 May 2008

They Rather Enjoyed It

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London Times:

A recent history, titled 1940-1945 Erotic Years: Vichy or the Misfortunes of Virtue by Patrick Buisson, argues that France’s surrender to Nazi Germany was more complete than is generally recognized.

A new book which suggests that the German occupation of France encouraged the sexual liberation of women has shocked a country still struggling to come to terms with its troubled history of collaboration with the Nazis. …

Buisson dedicates a chapter in his book to cinemas, which he describes as hotbeds of erotic activity, particularly when it was cold outside. “At a few francs they were cheaper than a hotel room,” he writes, “and, offering the double cover of darkness and anonymity, propitious for all sorts of outpourings.”

The French even had sex in the catacombs, the underground ossuary and warren of subterranean tunnels in Paris: war, Buisson argues, acted as an aphrodisiac, stimulating “the survival instinct”. He said in an interview: “People needed to prove that they were alive. They did so by making love.”

It has been claimed that prostitutes staged the first rebellion against the Nazis by refusing to service the invaders but Buisson called this a myth. The Germans, he claimed, were welcomed into the city’s best brothels, a third of which were reserved for officers. Another 100,000 women in Paris became “occasional prostitutes”, he said.

Elsewhere, members of the artistic elite drowned their sorrows in debauchery. Simone de Beauvoir, the writer, and Jean-Paul Sartre, the philosopher, were devotees of allnight parties fuelled by alcohol and lust.

“It was only in the course of those nights that I discovered the true meaning of the word party,” was how de Beauvoir put it. Sartre was no less enthusiastic: “Never were we as free as under the German occupation.”

De Beauvoir wrote about the “quite spontaneous friendliness” of the conquerors: she was as fascinated as any by the German “cult of the body” and their penchant for exercising in nothing but gym shorts.

“In the summer of 1940,” wrote Buisson, “France was transformed into one big naturist camp. The Germans seemed to have gathered on French territory only to celebrate an impressive festival of gymnastics.” The author said he did not want to make light of a tragic part of French history, but there was a need to correct the “mythical” image of the occupation. “In this horrible period, life continued,” he said.

“It is disturbing to know that while the Jews were being deported, the French were making love. But that is the truth.”

One Feedback on "They Rather Enjoyed It"

Army Dicked

One should never attempt to study history until all the participants in same are dead and buried. Only then does the truth ooze out.

For example, during the War of 1812, only the south fought for America. New England was so corrupt that they supplied British soldiers with their shoes and other wears!! The Second War of Canadian Liberation (1812) defeat was so decisive that it made Vietnam War look like a VFW parade!!! That is why it is never taught in school!!!

So it is with France & it’s demons. France lost two wars—Franco Prussian and WWII. France fought the Prussians tooth and nail before being forced to capitulate. WWII was the polar opposite!!! There were so many self disarmed French troops amongst the refugees that the Germans told them to simply go home but stay off the roads.

The French AirForce is worst—France had more modern airplanes than the Germans but only employed 33%—yet the begged Churchill for more squadrons. France was more interested in taking England down with her than losing alone!!! Most French adapted to the occupation. Deal with it.

What is hysterical are the myths people make up to shelter themselves from the truth. Take the myth that French Prostutes refused to service German soldiers. The opposite was true!!! French whores were enthusiastic in screwing German soldiers and down right rude to their own defeated ones. The hit to Frnch national pride was so huge that France shuttered and or destroyed all of its great Le Belle Epoch Bordellos. Shame invokes the myth of the French Resistance while ignoring the spike in Nazi births in France—oops!!!

I said it once and I’ll say it again: History is a Practical Joke that Societies play on senile old farts who should know better!!!


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