01 Jun 2008

DNC Rules Committee “Compromises” (By Transfering Hillary Votes to Obama)

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An Obama-packed rules committee, operating behind closed doors, first ejected a number of unhappy pro-Clinton demonstrators (see videos below), then cut the votes of the Florida and Michigan delegations in half. They then proceeded to divide Michigan’s votes (where Obama did not appear on the ballot) between Hillary and Obama > 69 (halved to 34.5 votes) – 59 (halved to 29.5 votes), conceding Hillary a slightly larger number. The slight concession secured Obama’s team a whopping 19-8 Rules Committee majority.

Dana Milbank describes how it all went.

Clinton campaign advisor Harold Ickes expressed indignation.

I rise in opposition, but I’ll sit. … We find it inexplicable that this body that is supposedly devoted to rules is going to fly in the face of, other than our affirmative action rules, the single most fundamental rule in the delegate selection process, that is fair reflection. …

I am stunned that we have the gall and the chutzpah to substitute our judgment for 600,000 voters. …

Hijacking four delegates is not a good way to start down the path of party unity.

Ickes argued that the principle of “fair reflection” should guarantee that delegate allocation reflect the actual vote tally.

Under the Rules Committee’s “compromise,” the state shifts four delegates to Barack Obama without justification, Ickes said.

Hell, why not take 10 of them, take 20 of them,” Ickes said. “Just keep on going.

Ickes threatened to take the fight to the August Convention.


Deborah Foster was roughed up & ejected: 1:33 video

Harriet Christian of Manhattan is very angry, and promises McCain will be the next president of the United State 1:44 video

Hat tips (video 1 and video 2) to Jane Hamsher.

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so what can we do to protest this theft of votes by our own party?? maybe just leave it to obama?? that would be deadly for america. america is not that liberal or socialist or communist or radical or islamist!!! please SOMEONE DO SOMETHING !! that someone is US. PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST ON THE NOMINATION FLOOR, IN OUR EMAILS GALORE OVER AND OVER. IN LETTERRS TO THE REPRESENTATIVES TO STOP THIS RAID ON OUR MOST PRECIOUS CONSTITUTION TO PROTECT EACH A ND EVERY AMERICAN VOTE. or we could elect mcain and trust his wartime e xpertise, we are in 2 wars, and he is a patriot. i think that will be my only option because I WILL NEVER VOTE OBAMA.


i’ve written at length about another topic the big media has seemed to completely MISS: obama’s support for raila odinga of kenya. had odinga won the recent election there, he was prepared to hand over ‘muslim-declared’ areas of kenya to islamic sharia law. and of course, obama was right there campaigning FOR odinga. what’s wrong with that picture? i’ve been posting this on facebook – on walls posts and discussion boards, and i find it common that the group admins of the obama-supporting groups i post in to DELETE my posts. rather than defend their candidate they find it much easier to simply withhold knowledge from people. this undoubtedly is one of the secrets of the obama camp, i.e. keeping people in the dark, most notably the 18-30 demographics. if you want to do great damage to the obama campaign, do it in facebook, because facebook is one of the best kept secrets of the grassroots work of the obama campaign.

read about it here:



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