03 Jun 2008

10-Year-Old In Massachusetts Suspended Over Discharged Cartridge Case

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In Winchendon, Massachusetts, a veteran who fired salutes on Memorial Day gave ten-year-old Bradley Geslak two empty discharged brass cartridge cases. (Little boys love these. I know, because, when I was that age, I treasured any empty cartridge cases I found.)

A teacher at Toy Town Elementary School saw the 4th-grader fondling one of his souvenirs at lunch the next day, confiscated the kid’s prized possession, and arranged for him to be suspended for five days.

Despite parent’s requests the school is refusing to give the kid back his souvenir, and has threatened to assign the child to a probation officer.

Worcester Telegram via Nancy Mathis.

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Yes, but it may have one positive aspect – it inculcates a sense of disrespect for the educational bureaucracy that with luck will last a lifetime.


Maybe the faculty of this school should view the Dissident Frogman’s educational video on the difference between fired and unfired cartridges. “Shooty! No shooty!”.

Bob S

Colleges of Education recruit the stupidest fraction of the incoming freshmen at their universities, give them four years of utterly inane, vapid indoctrination, and turn them loose on unsuspecting schools. How can you expect anything other than this nonsense?

Annals of zero tolerance: empty bullet casing

[…] In Winchendon, Mass., ten-year-old Bradley Geslak brought to school an empty bullet casing he’d brought home from the town Memorial Day celebration, in which blanks were fired. Although an empty casing is, of course, empty, he was charged with a weapons offense and after his five-day suspension may be assigned a probation officer. (Gail Stanton, “Souvenir rifle shell gets 4th-grader suspended”, Worcester Telegram, May 29; “Silence on lock and load”, May 30)(via Zincavage). […]

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