05 Jun 2008

Ann Coulter on Democrats’ Inconsistency

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Ann Coulter remarks in Human Events on the irony of media’s “Shut-up-and-go-away!” approach to Hillary’s primary popular vote victory.

When Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 election by half a percentage point, but lost the Electoral College — or, for short, “the constitutionally prescribed method for choosing presidents” — anyone who denied the sacred importance of the popular vote was either an idiot or a dangerous partisan.

But now Hillary has won the popular vote in a Democratic primary, while Obambi has won under the rules. In a spectacular turnabout, media commentators are heaping sarcasm on our plucky Hillary for imagining the “popular vote” has any relevance whatsoever. …

After nearly eight years of having to listen to liberals crow that Bush was “selected, not elected,” this is a shocking about-face. Apparently unaware of the new party line that the popular vote amounts to nothing more than warm spit, just last week HBO ran its movie “Recount,” about the 2000 Florida election, the premise of which is that sneaky Republicans stole the presidency from popular vote champion Al Gore. (Despite massive publicity, the movie bombed, with only about 1 million viewers, so now HBO is demanding a “recount.”)

So where is Kevin Spacey from HBO’s “Recount,” to defend Hillary, shouting: “WHO WON THIS PRIMARY?”

2 Feedbacks on "Ann Coulter on Democrats’ Inconsistency"


Hold on a sec: you’re blogging about something Ann Coulter said with a straight face, as if she was an actual political pundit and not a shameless liar and shill?

For a while there, I thought this might be an intelligent conservative blog. Next you’ll be quoting other bottom-dwellers like Michelle Malkin! Oh wait…

Please stop now; you’re embarrassing yourself.


Oh, I’m not so easily embarrassed as all that.

Ann Coulter tends to be a bit light weight, but she does have a rhetorical flair, and every now and then I think she editorializes very acutely.

(Except on Immigration, where she is unsound) I do support Michelle Malkin, even though she is, in fact, a woman and a minority. Michelle is kind of cute, don’t you think?



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