12 Jun 2008

The Constitution Really is a Suicide Pact

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Justice Anthony Kennedy opined, awarding Habeas corpus protection to illegal combatant non-citizens captured overseas bearing arms against the United States in violation of the laws and customs of war.

Justice Kennedy’s ruling will undoubtedly open a Pandora’s box of legal argument and judicial obfuscation which will effectively paralyze the Bush Administration’s hesitant and overly scrupulous efforts to bring mass murderers operating entirely outside the law to justice.

Five of eight members of the Supreme Court have demonstrated themselves to be self-important nincompoops determined to assert judiciary authority over the executive and to strike poses, while demonstrating a truly horrifying obliviousness to legal and historical precedent and common sense.

All this is, of course, the fault of the Bush Administration, which carelessly also overlooked all precedent, and then tried to invent new forms of military justice conformable to the whims, notions, and fantastical scruples invented by its opponents in the establishment media. President Bush and the rest of the civilian administration should simply have avoided injecting themselves into the matter, and thereby allowing entry to lawyers and courts, at all. The administration should have relinquished all authority connected with prisoners captured overseas to the military authorities.

Those military authorities should have authorized local commanders quickly and on the spot by drumhead courtmartial to establish the status of these kinds of prisoners as illegal combatants required to be condemned to death by military custom and law, and those local commanders should have been instructed upon such determination to hang them.


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