30 Aug 2008

Fawn Follows Beagle Home

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One of those viral emails arrived today, at the end of a long succession of forwards, containing the amusing above photos, accompanied by the following text:

A fawn followed this beagle home — right through the doggie door — in the Bittinger, MD area. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home. This hit the 6 o’clock news big time

I was a little skeptical, but the story seems to be true.

Apparently, the home was really located in Accident, Maryland, asnd it happened last month, according to poster No. 10 in this Grantsville, Maryland forum. And the original photos can be found at the Deep Creek Times site here.

Hat tip to Candice Kobetz.

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Bel Air MD Resident

Why must everyone be so skeptical? Isn’t it just possible that something so innocent and cute could possibly have happened? It is a sad day when people can’t even just accept something at face value. Nothing was requested or gained by this individual sharing this photo. I thought it was very nice to see and was more concerned about the fawns safety then if it could have possibly have been a hoax or not. Lighten up people.


With Photo shop these days and so many people faking photo’s, it is no wonder people research before believing. I just wondered where MD was and stumbled upon the controversy weather it is fake or real. I am glad that it is real.


I think this is the cutiest thing I’ve ever seen….the fawn probably thinks the dog is his mamma….poor little thing!


When I lived in my hometown, wisconsin. I always left my back patio door open, so my collie/german shep mix could come and go as she pleased. Well one day a chipmunk was on the deck and my dog chased it right into the house. Not that it stayed on the couch or anything, but animals do play with one another . and the pics look authentic. I totally believe a young deer that is that small could easily enuf follow it home. Perhaps it lost its mother and was looking for a replacement. Anything is possible.


wow, that is so cute! it sure looks authentic to me. does anyone know any other information about this story? the owner’s name, the date it happened, what happened to the fawn, etc.
if so, please post it on this website so i can read it!


I think if it’s true, they didn’t come home to it on the sofa. I think, if anything, it was during the domestication of it.
If it made it on the news, the news channel would verify it. No such verification has been posted on the internet. There are many links with skeptical people trying to confirm this. Surely someone would have contacted the news channel and confirmed it for the rest of of us.
Someone else said their son found an identical stuff animal on the internet and this could be the case.
As for those who wonder why anyone would do this? You must be immune to spam email. People do this for the fun of it. Our society is so damaged, it’s one form of filling a need. Good parenting usually prevents children turning into needy spammers.

Linda Lausten

It’s seems believable to me & I think we all need to believe in something as beautiful as this story. The real problem is people are so jaded & sometimes so pitiless in this society. It’s easier for them to believe the worst of everything & question something innocent. Innocence is lost these days.

Joan Hall Hovey

I believe it’s an authentic photo.

Miracles happen to those who believe in them!


If you’ve owned animals you understand how amazing they are. my cats and dogs love each other. . . I believe it


I’m from Belgium (Europe) so my English is very poor.
This story with photos circulates in e-mails here in Europe and I received it from my brother-in-law. Sorry but I can’t believe it. This wild animal would not stay this calm with people arround talking and taking pictures. I think it would panic. This is a tame one.



Sooo cute!! The sad part of the story is that they send the deer away. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pet deer!!

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