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25 Sep 2012

Republican Vandal

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Austin, Texas is a university town and consequently a hotbed of liberalism, so inevitably some of the old-time natives of the area will take exception to the newcomers’ politics.

Fox News:

A Texas couple determined to find out who had been damaging a sign in their front yard proclaiming their support for President Obama’s re-election bid caught the offender on Wednesday. Tom Priem, a software support engineer in Austin, told he and his wife, who live on a block where political signs dot front yards, were fed up with seeing only their Obama sign repeatedly defaced.

“The sign had holes poked in it like somebody had stuck a knife through it,” Priem said Friday. “At first I thought it was somebody who didn’t like Obama.”

    “We were making fun of it, saying the deer must be a Republican.”

    – Tom Priem, Austin resident

Priem said he even called a city hotline to document the incident in case a more insidious offender was to blame. He couldn’t believe his eyes when his wife showed him the surveillance photo she snapped seconds after the campaign sign was destroyed – by a buck.

The varmint’s vandalism began about 10 days ago and it’s unclear what the animal has against the sign.

20 Sep 2009

Puppy Routs Deer

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photo: Karen L. Myers

click on photo to link to photo essay

Our 11-week-old puppy, Uhlan, is a Tazy, whose mother is from Kazakhstan and whose father was bred in St. Petersburg, one generation removed from Kazakhstan.

Tazy is just the preferred name in Kazakhstan for the local version of Saluki, known earlier in the West as the Persian Greyhound.

Tribal dogs like ours are prized by sighthound enthusiasts for their strong natural hunting instincts. Karen’s photos of Uhlan in action demonstrate that this puppy may be a little too keen.

30 Aug 2008

Fawn Follows Beagle Home

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One of those viral emails arrived today, at the end of a long succession of forwards, containing the amusing above photos, accompanied by the following text:

A fawn followed this beagle home — right through the doggie door — in the Bittinger, MD area. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home. This hit the 6 o’clock news big time

I was a little skeptical, but the story seems to be true.

Apparently, the home was really located in Accident, Maryland, asnd it happened last month, according to poster No. 10 in this Grantsville, Maryland forum. And the original photos can be found at the Deep Creek Times site here.

Hat tip to Candice Kobetz.

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