09 Oct 2008

Interviewing Obama Supporters on the Issues


The Howard Stern Show tests the role of the issues in the decisions of some Harlem voters.

2:48 audio


Hat tip to Scott Drum.

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oh, that is just too funny!

Wow…just…wow « Conservative in the City

[…] Of all people, I never expected Howard Stern to be the one to provide evidence in support of my theory. […]


Oh, no, I thought they’d at least use positions that were a little more “nuanced” but straight up PRO LIFE, SARAH PALIN, FINISHING THE JOB IN IRAQ and these people didn’t get it. Unbelievable.


Clear examples of the interviewee responding affirmatively to the positive intonation of the interviewer.

Nothing groundbreaking, revealing or shocking here.


So STAGOLEE, if I went up to a member of NOW and asked them if they were Pro Life but I said it using positive intonation they would say yes? If someone asked me using positive intonation to eat a crap sandwich, I am pretty sure I would say no.

This matches up with something Chris Mathews (I think it was him) did in the primaries, he had a room full of Obama supporters and he asked the whole group to name something Obama has accomplished. The answers ranged from “he’s black” to “he speaks well”. Of course there was the bulk that said his accomplishment was “he brings hope and change”.

The best I could find is that he wanted to build parks in Chicago while a Community Organizer, but I can’t find were any were actually built.

Digital Ashtrays » Blog Archive » Update on Racism

[…] leave it to Howard Stern to find a way to make this funny. They went out and interviewed Harlem voters to see if race really does matter. So, they took John McCain’s position, told […]

Howard Stern interviews Obama supporters, asks if they are still going to vote for Obama now that he has picked Sarah Palin as VP, of course they will.

[…] Funny how it takes Howard Stern to expose ignorance. […]

Wm. Kynn

An FBI agent assigned to guard Obama’s house found an old medical reeipt. He looked up the procedure codes and learned that it was for a blood test for the advancement of HIV. Although he does not have full blown AIDS, Obama is HIV positive. This is why Obama has never released his detailed medical records or his tax records which would show write-offs for medical expenses. Only one doctor, Obama’s life long friend, has stated that he is in good health. This also explains why he has sought the presidency so early in his career and why Obama is looking so thin and gaunt lately.


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