10 Dec 2008

SCOTUS To Consider Hearing Another Obama Citizenship Suit

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Washington Times:

On the same day the Supreme Court declined to hear one appeal challenging Barack Obama’s right to become president because of questions about his citizenship, Justice Antonin Scalia distributed another appeal on the same issue for the court to consider.

The new case, Cort Wrotnowski v. Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State, is scheduled to be discussed by the justices at their Dec. 12 private conference. They plan to decide whether to give the case a hearing – again on whether the British citizenship of Mr. Obama’s father makes the president-elect ineligible to assume the office. …

The Supreme Court on Monday turned down the previous appeal filed by New Jersey attorney Leo C. Donofrio.

Unlike Mr. Donofrio’s appeal, Mr. Wrotnowski’s case “includes a more solid brief and a less treacherous lower court procedural history.”

Law blog

A number of prominent conservatives have recently been labeling anyone who thinks there is any possible legitimate issue here as a “kook.”

Well, personally, I think it costs real money to fight lawsuits in eight states, and multiple appeals for Supreme Court certiorari. Why would anyone bother when he could simply release the long form of his Hawaiian birth certificate?

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So if a person believes that the govt is above corruption, then that makes them a kook ? But when an elected official, OUR EMPLOYEE wants , he can refuse to provide documents that are required by OUR CONSTITUTION to hold the highest office and that is supposed to be acceptable ?? What is wrong with this picture ?? But yet the SCOTUS has the nerve to not uphold our rights and make reference to the Bush/Gore case. They should all be dismissed. They are either too wealthy, too lazy, or too senile…possibly all of the afore mentined. If this is not upheld, then why as an American citizen should I have to pay taxes or obey any laws ? Then just refuse any information and join a Chicago Mafia gang and all will be cool. Is that the way it works ? No one should be subject to a background check for employment if he doesn’t have to prove his citizenship.


Good comment by Glenda and also true. The average citizen has to undergo more vetting when applies for a drivers license.


Good comment by Glenda. The average citizen has to undergo more vetting when he applies for a drivers license.

Shawn Auer

If “real” proof is not needed to become President of the United States, why not have an illegal alien serve in the cabinet? Why would a person spend 800,000$ to seal his records? Is this the kind of President we need in a budgetary crisis? Why would a president leave this up for citizens to debate? This is media’s strategy for questions by citizens they do not wish answered.
1) Keep the question out of mainstream media
2) Make the question absurd to ask
3) Depend on the popularity of the person to make the question a “who cares” answer.
4) The question fades away or it becomes too late for an answer/result.
This is media’s new-found way of dealing with “troublesome” questions. It is not the question that is wrong to ask, it is the answer that is the problem.
Shawn Auer


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