24 Jan 2009

The Ideossey of Obamacles

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Iowahawk‘s latest and one of his greatest.

Speak to me, O Muse, of this resourceful man
who strides so boldly upon the golden shrine of Potomac,
Between Ionic plywood columns, to the kleig light altar.
Fair Obamacles, favored of the gods, ascends to Olympus
Amidst lusty tributes and the strumming lyres of Media;
Their mounted skyboxes echo with the singing of his name
While Olbermos and Mattheus in their greasy togas wrassle
For first honor of basking in their hero’s reflected glory.
Who is this man, so bronzed in countenance,
So skilled of TelePrompter, clean and articulate
whose ears like a stately urn’s protrude?
So now, daughter of Zeus, tell us his story.
And just the Cliff Notes if you don’t mind,
We don’t have all day.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "The Ideossey of Obamacles"


Our Father who art in Washington
Obama be thy name,
Thy stimulus come, thy will be done,
On television as it is in Washington.
Give us day our devalued investments
And forgive us debts
As we condemn our debtors
For thine is the congress, and the house and the media
At least until the next election



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