11 Sep 2009

World Record Brown Trout Taken in Manistee River

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Correction: Guide Tim Roller holding new world record Brown Trout

A potential world record 41 lb, 7 1/4 oz. (19.1 k.), 43.75″ (1.11 meter) Brown Trout (currently Salmo trutta, formerly Salmo fario) was caught on Wednesday in Michigan’s Manistee River.

Thomas Healy of Rockford, Michigan was fishing a crankbait (a plug with a lip causing it to dive when retrieved, “cranked,” i.e reeled in) using a spincasting rod and reel.

The previous record Brown Trout weighed 40 lb. 4 oz (18.26 k.) and was caught in 1992 on the Little Red River in Arkansas by Howard Collins.

Healy was being guided by Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfiteers.

The fish was weighed and measured by two Michigan state biologists.

Ludington Daily News

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Mr. Healy holding the gigantic trout


Thanks to commenter Amy of Riverside Charters for correcting the top photo ID.

12 Feedbacks on "World Record Brown Trout Taken in Manistee River"


That is NOT Tom healy, that is the guide.



Phillip Chappo

Not bad, only 2 years ago my best friend and I were fishing in lake huron when he hooked into a 17 pound brown which at the time was the biggest one i had ever seen. I can officially say now that this Brown blows that out the the water, way to Go!!!!

Gene Williams


Manistee is the place to fish and Captain Paul of the RIVERSIDE is the greatest!!!!

Let Paul mount the whopper he does great work.


It’s a trout!

Trevor Ernsberger

i was up there the day you cought that fish im from niles.

Brett Cox

Sorry to add this but…..You should have taken many photos and measurements. And had a replica Made. practice catch and release! That fish made it that long only to be taken for atrophy???

Ryan Erdman

Brett Cox youre crazy! This is a trophy that whoever catches it deserves to keep it to tell their kids about it. A fish can only get so old, it’s not like this fish had 5 more years of life in him or anything. Would you rather him roll over for the birds to eat or life forever on somones wall? Nice fish Mr. Healy, congrats!

Justin H.

Ryan, I agree. That fish was near the end of his life. It probably had reproduced dozens of times so it’s genes are still in the river. Had it been a 20-30 lb fish, I would say release it. That fish is a keeper!

Joe Mama

Spin fishing is for the weak and the hopeless.

Jim Dickson

Great catch. This was an old, old fish and would’ve died of natural causes before long. Now it will have eternal life upon your wall and will be a conversation piece. That fish is a keeper!

john tru.

i spin fish and fly fish the line between fly fishing and spin fishing is small when you really break it down, we all are trying to put a hook in a fish. i can say that i have grown up in colorado fishing every still water and river possible as well as fishing the green river below flaming gorge i have been around, i believe that the war between fly and spin fisherman is a joke the reason there are both is the both have their advantages don’t hate fly fishing purists you are what ruins the view of fly fisherman i hate pompus flyguys you ruin the rivers and lakes for everyone if your fly of lure only and you take care of the enviornment and the fish why not fish spin and fly gear and be the best trout fisherman instead of limiting your success by only fishing a fly rod don’t hate just fish


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