05 Nov 2009

Eleven More School-Kids-Singing-Praises-to-Obama Videos

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Readers emailed new video links to Big Hollywood in response to the original story back in late September about children at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, New Jersey being taught to sing songs praising Barack Obama reminiscent of the forms of indoctrination used in totalitarian states.

Liberals dismissed the original story as just one case of questionable taste involving only a single teacher in a single school. Six weeks after the original story, John Nolte has managed to collect 11 more from a range of places including Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Illinois.

Nolte’s right. There is an epidemic of this sort thing, proving just how thoroughly entrenched a liberal mentality embracing a cult of statism and yearning to fall prostrate before a messianic leader is among the pseudo-educated class of persons employed in America’s school systems.

My personal favorite Obama song was the one that began

We believe in Barack Obama
He loves you and he loves your mama.

One Feedback on "Eleven More School-Kids-Singing-Praises-to-Obama Videos"

Lazarus Long

They believe so completely in their endeavor that they will record the kids on video for all the rest of us to see.


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