01 Dec 2009

Phil Jones Resigns; Michael Mann Under Investigation

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Phil Jones

They are loudly protesting their innocence, but those emails make those protestations a little difficult to accept. Heads are beginning to roll.

The Daily Mail reports that Phil Jones is stepping aside, temporarily. We’ll see how temporary his resignation proves to be.

Professor Phil Jones, director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), has said he ‘absolutely’ stands by the science produced by the centre – and that suggestions of a conspiracy to alter evidence to support a theory of man-made global warming were ‘complete rubbish’.

He said today he would stand aside as director until the completion of the independent review, which is being conducted in the wake of the allegations by climate ‘sceptics’. …

Prof Jones said: ‘What is most important is that CRU continues its world-leading research with as little interruption and diversion as possible.

‘After a good deal of consideration I have decided that the best way to achieve this is by stepping aside from the director’s role during the course of the independent review and am grateful to the University for agreeing to this. The Review process will have my full support.’

Professor Peter Liss will become acting director while the review is conducted, the university said.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Edward Acton said: ‘I have accepted Professor Jones’s offer to stand aside during this period.


Michael E. Mann

The Centre Daily Times reports that the Pennsylvania State University is also opening an inquiry into the conduct of “Hockey Stick” Michael E. Mann, the other end recipient of a lot of the most embarrassing of the leaked emails.

Penn State has announced it will hold an inquiry into controversial climate change emails involving a university professor.

The professor in question, Michael Mann, said he has “nothing to hide” and welcomes the scrutiny. …

Penn State spokeswoman Lisa Powers said an inquiry is a “precursor to any investigation.” A faculty committee will examine about 300 emails concerning Mann “to determine if there’s any merit to the allegations, and if they warrant further review,” she said.

7 Feedbacks on "Phil Jones Resigns; Michael Mann Under Investigation"

Brent Hargreaves

I reckon that the hacker (or was it maybe a mole) who blew the whistle on this scandalous abuse of scientific procedure at East Anglia University deserve a Nobel prize!
Professor Jones has paid the price and resigned; I hope that in the US a rigorous examination of Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick” graph will now be conducted. If, upon accessing Mann’s full methodology and data, the Hockey Stick is discredited, then the reputation of its creator must inevitably crumble.


So Phil Jones stepped down as Director High Priest of the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit pending an investigation. Well, if his AGW projections don’t hold up, at least he knows that his legacy will live on with his groundbreaking New & Improved CRU Scientific Method. I was able to reverse engineered the East Anglia CRU Scientific Methodology from the procedures documented in the purloined e-mails and code. It is clear to me that they have built on the work of maverick chemist Theodore Hapner, who revolutionized thinking about the scientific method in 2006. Godspeed Phil Jones.

Brian H

Review by whom? The IPCC has already demonstrated the ease with which “peer review” can be corrupted. More of the same?


Unless there are protests at the universities about climategate and the fraud being perpetuated, these reviews and investigations are likely to become cover-ups to save reputations and allow AGW to continue becoming the governing principle and religion of a global government.

It is clear that sunspot activity (aka solar winds, solar mass ejections) interacting with cosmic rays and the resulting cloud cover in our atmosphere are the drivers of the global temperature trends. We cannot allow a fabrication like AGW to continue suppressing and killing poor people and de-industrializing the developed world. AGW is insanity and genocide!.

Berthold Klein

It is rather frighting that the work of an American professor of physics at John Hopkins University an expert in IR radiation was able to show that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist. This was done in 1909 and published in peer reviewed paper( when peer review meant something). The Professor was R.W. Wood.
Since than other physics professors have shown that the concept of the ghg effect violates fundamental laws of physics.
More recently the report of Alan Carlin of the US-EPA a physicist and analyst with references to more than 70 peer reviewed papers shows that CO2 does not cause global warming.
Why would a professor of physics choose to ignore the basis of his profession? Is it the money and fame/notoriety he has gotten by spreading lies?
How much of his other works are of questionable value, what falsehoods or lies are built into these ” peer reviewed ” documents?
Will the Penn State investigation “white wash” this professor to protect themselves? Only time will tell.

Brent Hargreaves

Another debacle for the End-is-Nigh brigade this week: A claim made in the “highly authoritative” 2007 IPCC report has been debunked. Himalayan glaciers, it was alleged, would disappear by 2035. Upon investigation, this claim was nothing more than wild conjecture based on, well, on nothing. The IPCC chairman, Raj Pachauri, refuses to resign in acknowledgement of the deeply flawed forecasts emanating from his increasingly discredited organization. Understandable, I suppose: why would he give up his seat on the gravy train?

Brent Hargreaves

More good news!
The former high priest at the University of East Anglia, Phil Jones, has given some pretty frank answers to the BBC. (See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8511670.stm )

Even more good news: The man who posed the questions, Roger Harrabin, has hitherto been extremely Goreside-biased in his reporting. This time round, his questions are pertinent, direct, right on target. Credit to him, albeit belatedly!

It’s beginning to look like the entire rotten edifice of Anthropogenic Global Warming is beginning to crumble. There remain many people who stand to gain from perpetuating this myth; they still have to be brought to account. The Great Debate is far from won by us good guys (definition: those who insist that scientific hypotheses be tested and all relevant data made publically available).


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