29 Dec 2009

In Aftermath of Flight 253, Government Steps Up Security

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Provoking this sensible comment from Jared C. Lobdell.

Recite after me: “The Christmas Day terrorist was subdued by other passengers who left their seats: this was during the approach to the plane’s destination, less than an hour to go in the international flight. Therefore, the TSA now prohibits passengers from leaving their seats during the last hour of an international flight.”

One Feedback on "In Aftermath of Flight 253, Government Steps Up Security"

Darlene Meader Riggs

Hi David,

I stumbled onto your blog by some quirk of Plaxo notification (of which I am not a regular) and I am really enjoying reading your entries. I am not a political person .. not well versed in politics at all .. but I am deeply alarmed by the shadowy, covert things I sense in my gut is going on in this “administration”. It’s helpful to read that my gut is right on .. my senses attuned to trouble in the land. And strangely that’s comforting in the weird sort of way of finding your husband in the act when you knew for months and months and months he was cheating despite his flowery denials. ;)

Darlene Meader Riggs


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