16 Jun 2010

British War Museum Airbrushes Out Churchill’s Cigar

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The Britain at War Experience Museum in Southeast London has hanging over its entrance a 1948 photograph of Winston Churchill opening a new Headquarters for the 615th County of Surrey Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force of which he was commodore. The photograph has been airbrushed to eliminate the cigar Churchill was smoking in the original.

The museum’s management declined to identify the designer of its frontal display and disclaimed any knowledge of what had happened to the cigar.


Daily Mail:

So much for the notion that only communist tyrants airbrushed history.

5 Feedbacks on "British War Museum Airbrushes Out Churchill’s Cigar"


There a deadly serious childishness behind all this. “Deadly” because it hurts our ability to deal with reality, “serious” because it is a humorless an approach to life as its possible to imagine and “childish” because it represents a almost foot-stomping demand that reality be as we wish rather than as it is.

Why not just put up a photo of Sean Connery in uniform and call him Churchill or photoshop Winston’s head onto Charles Altas body?

Calvin Garfield

The job is only half done. They need to trim about 100 pounds of his weight while correcting Churchill’s image. Left as it is, someone might get the idea that we approve of obesity as well as smoking. And why not darken him up a bit so those not of northern European heritage might not find him so off-putting? And to finish the job, why not soften the masculine qualities so that all visitors, regardless of gender, can see themselves in the Churchill that never was?


mintruth has struck. Read “1984” to understand.

Ms. Irvine

When truth and reality are the victims of subjective “politically correctness,” we have veered away from allowing people to experience actuality. History and life are not politically correct and should not be represented as such.

Masud Shaukat

John Jack Woodruff of Manchester UK is Dead.


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