28 Jul 2010

State Governments in Action

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The Massachusetts Legislature passed a bill intended to bypass the US Constitution and eliminate the function of the Electoral College in presidential elections.

Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington have already passed similar legislation as advocated by National Popular Vote Inc.

Can’t you just picture the inevitable denoument in which, a few years down the road, the liberal democrat wins the Electoral College despite the conservative Republican gaining a majority of the popular vote, whereupon there is some serious scrambling in Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, Washington and so on?


With its budget in bad shape, the state of Washington casually gave away an attractively located 10-acre island it purchased for $211,000 nineteen years ago, despite the fact that the island could have been sold for for millions.

One Feedback on "State Governments in Action"


As a Washington resident I can assure you that the only thing the current governor and legislature are interested in doing is imposing an income tax (selling valuable assets smacks of capitalism, anyway). It will be interesting to see if this tribe shows up on the donor list for state Democrats. Two years ago Governor Gregoire voided millions of dollars in income sharing from some Spokane tribal casinos. A week later the tribe donated $650,000 to her reelection campaign.


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