17 Aug 2010

Obama Succeeding At Building American Consensus

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Erick Ericksen:

There is no great split in the United States of America on the issue of the Ground Zero Mosque. Sixty-eight percent of Americans oppose it.

In fact, using the same metric — CNN Opinion Research polling of 1,000 Americans — more Americans have doubts about Barack Obama’s birth story than support the mosque.

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Apparently one of the talking points being distributed by the White House is that the President is simply being a “great leader” by running contrary to public opinion on this issue, border control, health care, etc., etc. I don’t recall these people being nearly as enthralled with the “great leader” that preceded him, though.

Fresno Financial Advisor

It’s too bad the President didn’t lay out all the facts

No Man

He’s formed a consensus.

About 55% of US are against him and his America-hating, anti-Christian, job-killing regime.

The other 45% are either convinced it’s the government’s duty to feed and clothe them and they’re effing too stupid to breathe free.


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