22 Aug 2010

A Thought Experiment

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Andrew McCarthy describes a thought experiment pertinent to the Ground Zero Mosque debate.

A friend poses the following: Imagine that there really were these fundamentalist Christian terror cells all over the United States, as the Department of Homeland Security imagines. Let’s say a group of five of these terrorists hijacked a plane, flew it to Mecca, and plowed it into the Kaaba.

Now let’s say a group of well-meaning, well-funded Christians — Christians whose full-time job was missionary work — decided that the best way to promote healing would be to pressure the Saudi government to drop its prohibition against permitting non-Muslims into Mecca so that these well-meaning, well-funded Christian missionaries could build a $100 million dollar church and community center a stone’s throw from where the Kaaba used to be — you know, as a bridge-building gesture of interfaith understanding.

What do you suppose President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, the New York Times, and other Ground Zero mosque proponents would say about the insensitive, provocative nature of the proposal?

Do you think the State Department would make the leader of the Christian missionaries a special emissary and send him to represent the United States on diplomatic business overseas?

What do you suppose the Saudi reaction would be?

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You’re expecting liberals to be consistent with principle. That’s not relevant to them. They simply want to get what they want — in this case supporting those who want to bring down Western nations and cultures.

No Man

Imagine a world with no liberals or muhammedan mass murderers.

No Man

Here’s one imagine.

The Christian is to live her/his life in the imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis) the muslim paradygm is the life of Muhammed.

Compare and contrast.

Oh, that’s hate speech?

Michael L. Henry

I would tweak the analogy just a little bit further to test the hypocrisy of American liberals. Say a wacko fundamentalist Christian group simultaneously truck-bombed abortion clinics all over the country, killing hundreds of abortionists and their staff, then bought lots next to the rubble and made the generous offer to build community centers, incidentally including a church of their denomination, as a sign of healing. Should it be tolerated? If not, why not? What’s the difference between this and the Ground Zero mosque?


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