23 Aug 2010

Lasting Peace With Islam

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Bill Levinson points to the decisive dervish defeat at Omdurman, depicted in the 1972 film Young Winston, as the correct model for dealing with Islamic extremism.

5:24 video

One Feedback on "Lasting Peace With Islam"

No Man

The mussulam only understands utter, horrid violence.

President Dubya (I love him but . . .) Bush made three mistakes.

The most egregious was to ally with islamic dictators in the global war on terror and not destroy the House of Saud; seize the oil; nuke a couple of million; etc. Seriously, we should have allied ourselves with Hindu India; as we are allied with the galant Israelis.

Second, unpardonable was an error of omission. Dubya did not to shut down FNMA and FHLMC before they provided 2 trillion dollars in mortgages that were losses the day they were advanced: hence the boom in housing prices and subsequent bust which caused the Great Rrecession.

Third: He failed us. He did not require Obama to prove he is a “natural born” American.

No Man thinks the only good mussulman he ever saw was dead.


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