26 Aug 2010

EPA Planning to Ban Lead Ammunition, Fishing Tackle Nationwide

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Typical copper-jacketed 150 grain .308 lead bullets

The National Shooting Sports Foundation warns that Lisa Perez Jackson, Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, the same leftwing fashionista who misused her state environmental office to pander to the whims of liberal extremist groups by imposing a ban on bear hunting in New Jersey, is considering implementing a nationwide ban on all traditional lead ammunition in response to a petition from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Lead sinkers would be banned for fishing, too, by the way.

Here is their petition filed August 3, urging a nationwide ban on lead-based ammunition and fishing tackle.

The estimates of wildlife deaths caused by lead ingestion are the purest of fabrications, based entirely on supposititious estimates created with massaged figures drawn from artfully selected data. Who ever saw an animal eat a spent bullet?

Nonetheless, such a ban, implemented by the EPA (on the basis of legislation which explicitly exempted ammunition) would have a devastating impact on all the shooting sports, enormously raising ammunition costs while drastically impairing performance. The quantities of game animals wounded rather than killed would be enormous if such a ban became a reality.

The NSSF is strongly urging us to send in letters opposing the EPA action, but personally I think the fix is in, and writing Lisa Jackson is a waste of time. I suggest advising your congressman and senators of your strong opposition, and voting Republican in November.

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Doug K

Well, maybe the memo didn’t reach you guys, but lead is a very very nasty poison. Sadly a lot of hunters don’t track down what they shoot but let it crawl off to die, and of course, every shot you miss is scattering your toxic crap all around.

Now, see, lead might be cheaper, responsible hunters know that saving a few bucks isn’t worth poisoning the wildlands where you hunt. And if more hunters were responsible, people might have a higher opinion of you.


Doug K:

a couple of things.
You’re comments tell me you are not a hunter and have little or no experience with what hunters actually do in the field. Few animals that get shot actually aren’t recovered. Yes, it does happen, but not that often.
Most hunters follow their shots well because opprotunities are fewer than one might think: You may not get a second shot at another animal.
And we (hunters, that is) are all very aware of how lethal lead is, both ingested and at velocity. It’s why we prefer it for bullets: Terminal performance. I shoot both lead bullets and solid copper bullets and have harvested game with both successfully. But the lead bullets do, in my experience, hit harder (transferred energy) and create a larger, more lethal wound path. Which can translate to more kills and fewer wounds.

As for the general impact of lead on the environment, how shall we address the lead in car batteries? Particularly in the huge batteries of hybrid and electric cars? Certainly not all of this lead makes it back to a recycling center!

Like or not, caveats about handling aside, lead will be around in a number of useful applications for a long time to come.


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