01 Sep 2010

Reviewing Obama’s End of Combat Mission in Iraq Speech

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Peter Robinson listened (which I did not), and found it incoherent, grudging, and disgraceful.


Incoherent: The president argued that the war had represented a worthwhile cause, asserting that “We have persevered…because of a belief…that out of the ashes of war, a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization.” Moments later, however, the president insisted that the war had instead been mistaken: “We have spent a trillion dollars at war…This, in turn, has short-changed investments in our own people, and contributed to record deficits.” The president wants to have it both ways, associating himself with the victory we achieved in Iraq while distancing himself from the costs. As argument, this is incoherent. But of course it isn’t argument. It’s cheap manipulation.

Read the whole thing.

Obama’s Speech 17:57 video

One Feedback on "Reviewing Obama’s End of Combat Mission in Iraq Speech"


I couldn’t help but think what it must have been like to watch this speech from a military installation in Afghanistan. It couldn’t have been more obvious that my Commander in Chief has no enthusiasm, no heartfelt mission, no strategic vision, no real intention to pursue any sort of victory. Just once I’d like to hear this President remind me why I’m laying my life on the line every day.


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