17 Oct 2010

Batman is a Yale Graduate

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The Hon. Mark Dwyer, Judge of the Court of Claims (Supreme Court of the State of New York, Yale Law 1975) clearly still collects and reads comic books, since he discovered and informed the Yale Law Library that on page 16 of Detective Comics No. 439 (March 1974), there is a framed “Diploma of Law” from Yale University in Gotham City on the wall of Bruce Wayne’s study.

Judge Dwyer’s discovery was featured recently in an exhibition in the Yale Law Library‘s Rare Book Gallery.

Hat tip to Ann Tiffin Taylor.

One Feedback on "Batman is a Yale Graduate"

David G.

Of late, I’ve grown to have a considerable dislike of Ivy league schools and what they produce. It seems that where ever trouble has been causes in government, business, banking, etc., alumni of Yale and Harvard are right in the middle of the mess……. I think my local dog catcher could make better decisions with his common sense that those bozos with the elitist, hotshot degrees.

Apologies to Dog Catchers, because your duties are by far more important and of greater benefit than the ignorances in the “halls of power”(sic).


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