22 Oct 2010

Wikileaks Leaks Iraq Material

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The usual gang of establishment media collaborated:

New York Times

The Guardian


The commentariat of the left is complaining that US forces did not stop the Iraqis from coercively interrogating enemy prisoners. The other big news is the larger involvement of Iran in the Iraq insurgency than the US government publicly reported.

Rusty Shackleford notes the hypocrisy of leftist indignation.

WikiLeaks Bombshell: US Knew Arab Regime Tortured Citizens!!!

Wow. this is the big deal? And what was the US supposed to do if they investigated claims that the Iraqi government tortured its citizens? Invade? Yeah, I bet Julian Assange, the hysterical Left, and their Islamist allies would love that.

It’s the problem with America haters like Assange, Chomsky, and Osama bin Laden: it’s a worldview where America is always in the wrong, no matter what we do.

When we act, it’s evidence of US Imperialism. When we don’t act, it’s evidence of the US not caring about brown people.

We’re damned if we do, we’re damned if we don’t.

Which makes their underlying theory of cause and effect not a theory at all. First because it’s not falsifiable. Second, because all affects are attributed to the same cause.

I think the part of the story that pisses me off the most is that Assange promised us last time he’d do a better job of vetting the documents in order to protect the lives of soldiers and civilians. So, what did he do? Gave al Jazeera complete access to them.

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No Man

The leaks say 285,000 Iraqis were killed. Most were killed by their fellow muslim brothers.

Yay! muslims!!!

Too bad it was not 285,000,000 made good muslims.


this is outrageous! there is no hate from chomsky or assange against american people but against american governement,completely corrupt between interest of war for petrol and pipelines and bush,clinton family crime syndicate!

Lynn Scholl

You may have not intended to do so, but I feel you’ve got managed to express the state of mind that a lot of men and women are in. The sense of wanting to aid, but not knowing how or wherever, is some thing a lot of us are going through.


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