27 Oct 2010

Olivia Wilde for MoveOn.Org

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We House viewers have been wondering where the lovely Olivia Wilde went.

Well, now we know. She’s been making a Sci Fi-themed political advertisement for MoveOn.org, playing a rebel from the year 2050 urging liberals to vote in order to prevent a dystopian Republican future.

It’s daft, but very funny. Go President Palin! Teach that Pacific Ocean a lesson.

(It shouldn’t be surprising that Olivia Wilde is a commie. Not only is she a representative of Hollywood, her real name is Olivia Jane Cockburn. Yes, Alexander Cockburn is her uncle, and Claude Cockburn was her grandfather. Stalin was godfather for most of the older members of her family.)

3 Feedbacks on "Olivia Wilde for MoveOn.Org"

T. Shaw

I promise to vote on Nov 2 . . . vote Republican!

It is us changing the crash course big Obama is on or these idiots destroy the greatest country on the planet.

T. Shaw

She will look sweet in a burkha.

Max H.

“…or these idiots destroy the greatest country on the planet.”

I don’t know what country you live in but mine is stronger than that. All it takes is two years of rule by people you don’t agree with & your country is going to be destroyed?

You are a coward & live in a pussy country.

Too bad you don’t live in a great and resilient country like America.



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