21 Nov 2010

Viral Email Humor

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When public policies begin attracting this kind of ridicule and bitter satire from the general population, intelligent leaders would change the policies. The American establishment, e.g., both Bush & Obama, cannot produce intelligent leaders anymore as our educational system is far more successful at inculcating self-confidence and self-entitlement on the basis of the credentials it issues than it is at inculcating common sense. American leaders don’t listen to the people; they listen to credentialed, well-qualified advisers and commentators who, chances are, have their heads equally up the very same place.

Hat tip to Ann Althouse via Matador Network.

One Feedback on "Viral Email Humor"


if they did this only to those who were factually more likely to attack, then the ACLU would oppose it.

and it would be more effective, less costly – in time and money.

and the rights and privacy of most people would not be impinged upon.

the left would rather all of us had our rights and privacy impinged, then just the folks who are most likely enemy.


the left wants the USA and the West brought down a notch.


they blame the west for most of history’s genocide, third world poverty, sexual repression and global pollution/AGW.

all charges are demonstrably false/pure leftist propaganda.

but nearly 40% of the people in the west believe most of it.

and these people – along with misinformed independents/moderates elected obama.


obama and the left want the usa to be subservient to the UN and israel to be subservient to the arabs.

hence their appeasement of muslims and mistreatment of USA citizens and Israel.

the tsa is treating passengers the way obama treat israel.

obama might as well be a crypto-muslim actively aiding the enemy.


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