13 Jan 2011

1950 AMA Ad

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Back in 1950, the American Medical Association was firmly opposed to socialized medicine. The same organization endorsed Obamacare in 2010 demonstrating just how far the country and its institutions and professions have declined.

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50 years ago, organizations tended to reflect the principles held by their members — e.g. government interference more often than not has bad consequences. Today, that principle is subordinated to asking “what can government do for us?” Years ago, I worked in a company where 90% of management were self-professed conservatives. Yet when it came to pursuing state legislation that would advantage us versus our competition, I was the lone dissent.
The troublesome thing about the AMA is that whatever advantage they see in supporting Obamacare will be very short-lived, and when they realize that, it will be too late.


Just because it took this long to see the truth doesn’t mean they weren’t lying back then too. Marcus Welby was just a smiling Fascist/Socialist/Statist just as the Hypocratic Oath was really nothing more than a closed-shop union agreement. (“Let’s stop those damn barbers from moving in on our turf!”)

Our entire model of human behavior is scewed and all we get now is the choice of plantations until the next revolution.


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