07 Apr 2011

“Dear Woman”

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A bunch of pathetic sissies spout really amazing PC drivel in what seems to be a desperate and ill-advised effort to get laid via sucking up to women. People, especially non-moron females, are laughing at them everywhere.

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Karen Myers (the wife)

Oh. My. God.


As Mark Davis would say, “What a steaming shovel full.”

COL Goff

This is the worst thing I have ever seen. What a bunch of assholes!


Interesting note, every individual who appeared in that video had a vagina.


See, there are weak, susceptible men who’s indoctrination in feminism is complete.


That kid about 4th from the end; I saw a smirk, and the hint of a wink. He’ll get laid.

Steve Bodio

PLEASE tell me this is a parody from the Onion or something.

I notice it comes out against reason and (of course) the free market as well.


well, it’s certainly better than slagging women off in some shitty buddy comedy or overrated cartoon series.


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