08 Apr 2011

Yale Women’s Center: “Come Save Us, Big Brother, We’ve Been Shocked and Offended!”

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Last year, the Yale Daily News reported:

Two years ago, the walls of the Yale Women’s Center bore paintings of female genitalia.

The artwork, abstract representations board members made of their own vaginas, was meant to welcome visitors to the Women’s Center, said Isabel Polon ’11, a former political action coordinator for the center.

“What’s more inviting than a vagina?” she said.


In the New York Post, Meghan Clyne finds all the whining about off-color sexual taunts pretty thick coming from the same feminist gang that has made disseminating smut around the Yale campus its principal métier for years.

Drawing the loudest outcry are a 2006 episode in which frat pledges chanted, “No means yes! Yes means anal!” in front of the Yale Women’s Center (a refrain they reprised in 2009), and a 2008 stunt in which frat members posed for a photo in front of the center with a sign proclaiming “We love Yale sluts.”

But before you shed a tear for Yale or its feminists, consider the role that both have played in saturating the campus with vulgar sexuality. In an effort to foster “dialogue” and “acceptance” of every possible sexual choice or act, they’ve drenched students, faculty and administrators in images and vocabulary of graphic sexuality.

The Women’s Center has hosted screenings of lesbian pornography, workshops on drag and talks about “sex toys and how to get the most out of them.” In 2006, the event “Who’s on Top” was intended to address lack of “discussion about the act of penetrative sex itself” and to explore feminist Andrea Dworkin’s theory “that intercourse and patriarchy are inseparable.” The center even throws naked parties to boost Yale women’s sense of body image.

These are the shrinking violets shocked that a bunch of frat guys would gather around their front door crassly chanting about sex.

Those chants were disgusting, of course. But when every taboo around sex is systematically eradicated, aren’t cries of “We Love Yale Sluts” inevitable?

Hat tip to Ursula Hennessey.

2 Feedbacks on "Yale Women’s Center: “Come Save Us, Big Brother, We’ve Been Shocked and Offended!”"

Lelo Soraya

This is a very interesting angle to take on this story.

The chants are disgusting and can’t be excused. At the same time, it’s one of those situations where it helps to know all sides of the story. I don’t remember being informed, via the MSM, of the other side of it until now.

This sentence resonated: “You can pin much of this idiocy — the Women’s Center’s no less than the frat guys’ — on the eternal foolishness of youth.”

John Stumbler

It’s important to note that the “No means yea! Yes means anal!” chant is less an example of disseminating “vulgar sexuality” as it is a call for sexual assault. These seems to be the criticism leveled against the chant and one difficult to accuse of hypocrisy.


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