09 Jun 2011

Mindbombs from the Moldbug

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Charles Francis Adams, Jr. (center) with other officers of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry, 1864

The loquacious yet always gnomic Mencius Moldbug today served up a series of summer reading recommendations apparently intended to put the reader in a Mid-19th Century frame of mind.

Moldbug’s enticing reading list features political thought, travel accounts of Antebellum America, and some selections sympathetic to the perspective of the Confederacy.

I immediately perused (former Union officer) Charles Francis Adams Jr.’s 1902 defense of Robert E. Lee, Shall Cromwell Have a Statue? with much enjoyment.

Readers would be well-advised to try reading some (or all) of Moldbug’s selections.

Hat tip to Tim of Angle.

One Feedback on "Mindbombs from the Moldbug"


I note the speech, in discussing the justice of the South’s reasoning toward succession, never actually uses the words of the Constitution itself as either a defense or a rebutal, but simply relies upon the fact that the North blugeoned the South into submission.

This the logic of the knife, a variant of the logical fallacy “Argument from Authority.” Its funny how this is always see to come from the side of the winner, who never sees its lack of force.


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