03 Sep 2011

Names For a Brook or Stream


Where I grew up, a brook (a watercourse smaller than a creek which is smaller than a river) was called a run. In New England, it would be a brook, but if you went far enough north, it might become a stream. Down here in Virginia, they call it a branch.

I had not realized it could also be a bayou, arroyo, a slough, or a cañada.

Hat tip to Walter Olson.

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We also have “runs” in Virginia. Look at the number of them feeding into the Potomac. There’s even a showplace conserved grist mill in my ‘hood’ called Colvin Run Mill. Nice place to grab a sandwich and a soda on a pleasant afternoon.


Don’t forget rills, runnels, rivulets, rindles, races, freshets and coulees!

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Thon Brocket

Scotland and Ulster, it’s a burn. Some parts of the north of England, a beck – cognate with German “bach”.


A bayou is intermittent. During the dry season the segments of dark stagnant water are the characteristics of a bayou.
An arroyo os most often dry eroded remnant of run-off; rarely a year round stream.
As to runs in Virginia, let’s not forget Bull Run; where Confederates battled Yanks at what they called the battle of Manassas.


there is also the creek prounced as crick.


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