05 Oct 2011

Reading Through the Noise

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The ability of the media to spin never fails to astonish.

They’ve managed to take the last debate (in which Republican rivals piled on Rick Perry), a meaningless Florida straw poll (which came out favoring Herman Cain), the former name of the location of a Perry family hunting camp, added some polling of their own (by CBS), and all the suckers are convinced that Herman Cain is the Republican front runner. Right!

The morale is: read the news a little less frequently and a lot more skeptically.

The real 2012 campaign news items are reports of hardening public opposition to Barack Obama’s re-election and of a massive flood of contributions, $17 million, pouring into Rick Perry’s war chest.

2 Feedbacks on "Reading Through the Noise"

Alex M.

Another important number is the 15 million that Perry still has on hand. Politico reported this morning that Romney spent 30% of his money raised last quarter, so it would seem that Perry is playing chess while Romney is playing checkers.


The media will continue to try to divert attention to ANYTHING other than the administration’s failed economic polices. As an adjunct of the reelection campaign, that’s their job.


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