29 Oct 2011

Two Previously Unknown Photographs of Wyatt Earp

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The LA Times reported recently that a pair of sharp-eyed brothers apparently discovered two previously unknown photographs of Old West legend Wyatt Earp, one as a small boy, in a family photo album that they purchased in an antique shop in San Bernadino County for $50.

They could make a lot of money selling the photos at auction (if experts agree on the identification), but they have expressed the intention of keeping and licensing the images.

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Blue Brown

These Photos are part of the Photo Album purchased in 2011 by the Collins Brothers at an Antique Shop at Hesperia, Ca., for $50.USD as was 1’st reported by The Los Angeles Times on 08/22/2011. I have Read the article, & have Color Images of all the photos taken from that album. *What is it about these photos which prompted the Wyatt Earp, Urilla Sutherland & Mattie Blaylock ID’s? There are 3 Previously Known Photos (1 of Wyatt -& 1 of Wyatt’s Brother as a child with his Mother, & 1 of Blaylock) which are shown in Said Article. There’s also a photo ID’d as: “Calimity Jane” on the table among the others, perhaps as a space-filler. Obviously, Keith & Brian used the Established Earp Related Photos for Comparison.. which I see as Lacking any resemblance beyond that Everyone of them has Caucasian Traits. So Again -My Question: *How are the Collins Brothers photos Earp Related? -Blue Brown!

Blue Brown

By the way- The man in the photograph is William Preston “Wild Bill” Longley. Compare it to the News Photo (the only known photo of Longley) *see Wikipedia, among other sources. -So there’s no longer an “only known” photo of Longley -& in that regard, Keith & Brian really Do have something! Now I’d suggest they re-examine & re-compare all the other photo content of that album in Light of my Corrected Identification, because I’m not going to do all the work for them. With that, I’ll add that if they stick to their Longstanding Opinion, of assuming that This Photo is an image of Wyatt Earp, then they’ll Remain in the Dark about their find-& what is Worse, many will be misled to follow them there, through the internet. The Photo is of Wild Bill Longley. -Blue Brown!


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