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10 Apr 2022

1899 Photo

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Lady & her horse in snowstorm by Félix Thiollier.

27 Feb 2022

Trout Unlimited’s Most Epic Cover

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25 Jan 2022

1915 Photograph

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A rather moving original color photograph of a British family inspecting dead sea birds along a beach near the Margate Cliffs in Kent. The birds were killed by first war-time use of poison gas by the Germans in the Second Battle of Ypres, 22 April — 25 May, 1915. There were roughly 60,000 British casualties. German casualties were around 35,000. The Germans gained three miles of ground.

10 Jan 2022

Jaguarundi Sneaking

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Finalist – Nature inFocus Photography Contest, 2021
Sebastian Di Domenico, Casanare, Colombia

A rare encounter caught on camera. The Jaguarundi is one of the rarest cat species in the Americas and it is never easy to see one in the wild. The animal resides in a range of habitats, including forests, mangroves and savannas. The photographer found a few pugmarks on his trip to the Llanos, when the felid suddenly emerged from the forest cover to access a creek. Not only was this a rare encounter, the felid also exhibited a rare colour morph. Jaguarundis are mostly black or dark brown in colour. In a few seconds, the animal vanished into the woods again, leaving the photographer with this memorable image.

10 Dec 2021

Christmas Preparations, London 1915

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17 Nov 2021



18 Oct 2021

Mount Washington Yesterday

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08 Oct 2021

Who’s For Lunch?

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A tokay gecko bites back despite being held in the coils of the golden tree snake.
Photograph: Wei Fu/Royal Society of Biology.

HT: This Isn’t Happiness.

20 May 2021

Melanistic Leopard in Perfect Light

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Photographer Anurag Gawande waited for 2 years for the opportunity to capture a rare black leopard on camera as it crossed a road in Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India.

He noted that under most light conditions you would not see any spots and the leopard would appear to be totally black.

He even caught a video of the handsome cat.

21 Apr 2021

Snow Leopard


This is my idea of a great photo.

29 Mar 2021


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They both look so happy!

27 Feb 2021

Scrub Jay After Dragonfly

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