02 Nov 2011

French Satire Magazine Charlie Hebdo Firebombed For Publishing Mohammed Cover

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Translation: “One hundred lashes if you don’t die laughing!”

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical journal, was in 2007 the only publication in France to print the Danish Mohammed cartoons. As a result, Charlie Hebdo was then charged with slandering a group on the basis of religion, but was finally acquitted after a two day trial.

Charlie Hebdo today intended to commemorate the Islamic victory in the elections in Tunisia by temporarily renaming itself “Sharia Hebdo” and appointing the Prophet Mohammed “guest editor” and putting his portrait again on the cover.

The “Sharia Hebdo” edition had not even appeared yet, when last night the paper’s Paris offices were fire-bombed and its web-site attacked and taken down.

The bravery and readiness to defend the principle of free speech of the American urban elites was promptly demonstrated by Time Magazine’s Bureau chief, the aptly named Bruce Crumley.

Okay, so can we finally stop with the idiotic, divisive, and destructive efforts by “majority sections” of Western nations to bait Muslim members with petulant, futile demonstrations that “they” aren’t going to tell “us” what can and can’t be done in free societies? Because not only are such Islamophobic antics futile and childish, but they also openly beg for the very violent responses from extremists their authors claim to proudly defy in the name of common good. What common good is served by creating more division and anger, and by tempting belligerent reaction?

The difficulty in answering that question is also what’s making it hard to have much sympathy for the French satirical newspaper firebombed this morning, after it published another stupid and totally unnecessary edition mocking Islam. ..

[Y]eah, the violence inflicted upon Charlie Hebdo was outrageous, unacceptable, condemnable, and illegal. But apart from the “illegal” bit, Charlie Hebdo’s current edition is all of the above, too.

All of which leads inevitably to the reflection that objectionable as the bigoted barbarian fanatics who firebombed Charlie Hebdo are, lickspittle cowards, appeasers, and traitors to their own culture and civilization like the invertebrate Mr. Crumbley are even more of a blight on the face of the planet.

Bugger Islam, and bugger bed-wetting liberalism twice.

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Maybe, we really should not mock Moslims. I think they, like anyone else, have the right to be treated with dignity.
I also think we should ban them out of our country’s due to the incompatibility with our norms and values.

French Satire Magazine “Charlie Hebdo” Firebombed For Depicting The Prophet On Cover – Here Is Next Weeks Cover | Unfollowing Jesus

[…] = 468; google_ad_height = 60; The title says “Love Is Stronger Than Hate”.And this is why they were firebombed:Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical journal, was in 2007 the only publication in France to print […]


Strange how we react to the fact that Islam is”intolerant” when we as Catholics and Protestants just show as much intolerance towards Islam. Every religion preaches tolerance and respect towards others. What is going on now by certain groups is just the same childish behaviour found in 5 year olds but where the consequences are much more sinister.
We al bleed the same blood when struck and when struck, we all hurt as much. Tolerance and respect to our fellow human beings them being white, colored, Muslims, Catholics, Jewish or whatever other denomination goes a long way towards peace.


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