30 May 2012

Greece Has It Coming


Members of the Greek Communist Party demonstrating against austerity on May Day

Brill Freeza
, an American of Greek descent writing at Forbes, thinks that the left-behinds in the Old Country have a serious attitude problem and proposes an educational exercise to straighten them out.

It must be dawning on all but the most obtuse member of the banking elite that they can’t possibly steal enough money from German taxpayers to save the Greek government from default. Put it off, maybe, but collapse is inevitable.

Once this happens, what is the purpose of casting Greece into some selective temporary financial purgatory where the irrelevant Greek economy can continue embarrassing anyone foolish enough to lend their dysfunctional government a dime? Why not go all the way and give the country what many of its people have been violently demanding for almost a century?

Let them have Communism.

Hard as it is for young people to believe, Communism was once a major historical force holding billions of people in thrall. Outside the halls of elite universities, who still takes it seriously? Sure we have Cuba, where the Castro deathwatch is the last thing standing between that benighted penal colony and an inevitable makeover by Club Med. Then there is Venezuela, though hope is fading that Hugo Chavez will carry the Bolivarian banner much longer now that he’s busy sucking down FOLFOX cocktails while checking for signs that his hair is falling out. And frankly, a psychopathic family dynasty ruling a nation of stunted zombies hardly makes North Korea a proper Communist exemplar.

What the world needs, lest we forget, is a contemporary example of Communism in action. What better candidate than Greece? They’ve been pining for it for years, exhibiting a level of anti-capitalist vitriol unmatched in any developed country. They are temperamentally attuned to it, having driven all hard working Greeks abroad in search of opportunity. They pose no military threat to their neighbors, unless you quake at the sight of soldiers marching around in white skirts. And they have all the trappings of a modern Western nation, making them an uncompromised test bed for Marxist theories. Just toss them out of the European Union, cut off the flow of free Euros, and hand them back the printing plates for their old drachmas. Then stand back for a generation and watch.

The land that invented democracy used it to perfect the art of living at the expense of others, an example all Western democracies appear intent on emulating. Being the first to run out of other people’s money makes Greece truly ripe to take the next logical step beyond socialism.

Read the whole thing.

Domestically, we may need to adopt essentially the same philosophy with respect to our most pathologically deep blue states, places like California and Illinois.

Hat tip to Jim Geraghty.

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CA and IL governments are making the assumption that the Federal government will bail them out of their irresponsibility. It is the ultimate moral hazard. But can you blame them? After all, they have watched banks and auto companies rescued from their folly. We continue to assess homeowners who exercised responsible borrowing for the costs of those who weren’t. Run up a bunch of education loans to get a degree that has no market value? No need to repay. Didn’t save anything for your retirement? No problem. We’ll just tap those who did.

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