07 Jun 2012

Leftie Predicts: A Romney Victory Means No More 5-4

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Poles refer to an ultra-conservative Lithuanian as an old żubr, “a bison.” This European bison would be pretty close to my idea of an ideal Romney appointee to the court.

Paul Waldman, at the (left-wing) American Prospect, says it’s time to start panicking, libs.

if there’s anything that ought to make you afraid of a Mitt Romney presidency, it’s this. First of all, if Romney wins he will be under enormous pressure to make sure that anyone he appoints will be not just conservative, but extremely conservative. Remember what happened when George W. Bush tried to appoint Harriet Miers: the right wing had a category 5 freak-out, not because they thought Miers was going to be a liberal, but because they couldn’t be absolutely, positively sure that she wouldn’t be a down-the-line Republican ideologue forever more. Unlike Romney, Bush had no particular need to prove to them that he was a real conservative, but the pressure was great enough that he eventually withdrew her nomination and nominated Samuel Alito, who was exactly what they wanted.

And that will be a shadow of the pressure exerted on a President Romney. So when he gets his chance to make an appointment, there is just no way he will do anything other than select someone pre-approved by the Republican base.

Read the whole thing, and smile.

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I continue to be saddened when people refer to the Justices as though they were legislators. We should all want a judiciary that upheld the Constitution as written — i.e. as a bulwark against excessive Federal power over the states and the individual. Unfortunately liberals see a “conservative justice” as one who stands in the way of the many wonderful things that the Federal government could do if it were awarded more than its enumerated powers.


When lefties bleat and moan … it means you ARE doing something right.

Lazarus Long

SDD: I certainly agree with you. The Supreme Court has become tainted and will become reviled to the same degree as the Congress.


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