18 Sep 2012

The Romney Video That Caused the Left To Have a Cow

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The Nation’s David Corn revealed at Mother Jones this “secret video, in which “Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters.” and in which (supposedly) “When he doesn’t know a camera’s rolling, the GOP candidate shows his disdain for half of America.”

The far left seems to think that the startling revelation that Republicans, including Mitt Romney, look down upon the democrat philosophy of entitlement and government dependency is a terribly effective attack meme. Sure, spongers and looters are going to be offended by being identified as what they are, but they weren’t really going to be voting for Mitt Romney anyway.

It’s not like anything Romney said is untrue:

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Republicans make the same mistake over and over. They market themselves to the media, not to the voter. OF COURSE, the media thinks this is shameful. Oh my! How insensitive. How “out of touch”! How dare you articulate conservatism! But conservatism is what plays with the VOTERS! Candor plays with the VOTERS!

Mr. Romney, when you chose Paul Ryan we thought you meant to take on the entitlement state. That’s what needs to be done. Here’s the simple truth, which you yourself have said (more elegantly as you put it in your semi-apology):

This country cannot survive if half of it is getting checks from government paid for by the other half. It can’t. And most voters actually understand that — even some of those who are currently cashing those welfare checks (albeit not the Peggy Josephs).

Mr. Romney, you’ve been handed your Joe the Plumber opportunity. Seize it. Piss of the press. Get them to ask you incredulously over and over if you really mean it. Because if you don’t mean it, what the hell is the point of electing you anyway?

Kent Smith

Mr. Romney, the stronger you stand against the “progressive” move to the left, the more people you will have follow you to the polls and to the hard task of change with hope.

Oscar E

Beverly Mitchell

I usually keep fairly quiet re my political beliefs – BUT – I am really mad about Romney’s comments. He has totally forgotten – or maybe just doesn’t know because he is so out of touch with the average American – that 1. the retirees DID pay taxes all their lives and have done their share.

2. Some very hard working people are trying to make it and just don’t earn enough to pay taxes – however – most states (except Oregon – my state and I believe one other one) have a sales tax which everyone pays every day when they buy something!!

3. Don’t forget property taxes which many lower income people and middle class people PAY!!

4. As for healthcare, remember it was just a few years ago that it was automatically paid for by an employer so of course many people were use to it.When that changed it put a hardship on many people.

Romney doesn’t have a clue – he is so out of touch. He says he made it on his own – right. Maybe he has made several millions – but – I’m sure he got some help from his family. I am just a middle class person and I have helped my son when I was able.

One other thing, I don’t think he is qualified in foreign affairs.


Thanks for letting me speak my mind.


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