16 Nov 2012

Demographics and Diversity

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Daniel Greenfield
, in another brilliant piece, explains that Diversity is not just a moral preference for the left.

The left’s utopias are not only economically unsustainable (what else is new) but also politically and demographically unsustainable. The economics can’t be fixed, but the politics and demographics can. As with all of the left’s solutions, they involve finding ways of making things much, much worse. And their answer to the demographic and political problem is immigration. Bring in young people from elsewhere who will have lots of kids and vote the straight slanted ticket. Preferably the kind who won’t get along with the locals and will be taught to constantly complain about racism, even though back where they’re from, racism was as accepted as daylight drug deals and beheadings.

Bring them in, run their kids through the same system, add a few holidays to the calendar, enjoy the new ethnic foods and hopefully teach their kids to stop having so many kids if they want to retire at 55 and fill their house with knickknacks from their vacations in Greece and Brazil. And then fill the new gap with more immigrants. It’s a plan that makes as much economic sense as the European Union and is twice as sustainable. After all lots of people in the world want free health care and a passport from a country that won’t collapse into a murderous civil war when the price of bread goes through the minaret.

And if the assimilation program doesn’t work, well then you only have to bring in half as many immigrants next time around, because all those countries you brought those immigrants from are now in your own country. Saves on jet fuel and coast guards. Not to mention language lessons, though it usually turns out that you need them anyway because your excellent schools no longer seem to be doing such a good job of teaching your own language and what used to be your language is now an argot composed of the languages of your immigrants and bits of your own language processed into the fake street slang of rap stars. And before you know it, you’re using it too.

It’s a dead end. It’s Rome with the barbarians sorting through the loot. It’s China when the wall fell. It’s Byzantium when the Bedouin raiders poured through and began the centuries long process of tearing apart Middle Eastern Christianity, that Islam wrapped up. It’s the long fall of civilization into night with a bloody pension and a hell of a retirement plan lost somewhere in the middle of a pile of broken marble columns.

But it keeps the left alive. Without diversity, the left is a bunch of corpulent unions protecting their pensions while the young people look at brochures of London and Los Angeles and finish their fourth degree. Without it, the left eventually dries up, blows away in the wind and dies after running a few protests against austerity and then has to implement it anyway.

Diversity isn’t a moral principle. It’s oxygen for a dead movement. It’s the only way that the left can stay alive long enough to fulfill the accidental mission of every parasite by killing its host. It’s the numbers game and as long as the left can cobble together these coalitions built on the backs of immigrants and tied together with community associations and piles of free stuff, then it can go on squatting on a society, dipping its proboscis in the sweet nectar of wealth and power, and then when the nectar runs out, switching to sipping its blood.

Read the whole thing.

2 Feedbacks on "Demographics and Diversity"

cindy ryan

I hate diversity, I remember sitting at my husbands thirtieth Naval Academy reunion and listening to the superintendent talking about how they were going to make the Naval Academy more diverse. I was angry because my son who was more than qualified got wait-listed for admission. They were going to admit more minority etc….. To me diversity means preferential treatment,and dumbing down a great school.


This is a wholesale abandonment of citizens in preference to potential immigrants for votes. It will be the citizens who pay for the “free stuff” in income, sales and property taxes. Everything is going up and if it puts you out of your house then too bad. The reason they prefer immigrants and other minorities over citizens is easy; years ago they effectively succeeded in dividing our nation with issues like welfare, abortion, women’s issues, etc. So now that the majority of citzens split their vote right down the middle they don’t need you. Vote – don’t vote; makes no difference. What matters is taking your tax money and promising it to the minorities, women and immigrants (any group that can be split out from the herd based on their biases) and it is THEIR vote that decides elections. So while it is indeed the politicians who are screwing you (mostly Democrat politicians) it is YOU yourself who is accepting it. Wake up! Smarten up! OR shut up because it will be over.


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