29 Nov 2012

Most and Least Emotional Countries

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The Washington Post has a colored-coded map of the world’s least and most emotional countries.

I’m an American (rated one of the most emotionally hysterical countries), but I’m of Lithuanian descent and Lithuania is (correctly) rated one of the world’s most stoical and phlegmatic countries.

I have a few problems with this map, however.

Shouldn’t England be pretty much the same (unemotional) color as Lithuania? It makes sense for Poland to be rated a bit more colorfully volatile than Lithuania, but so should Latvia. I would think that Russia ought to be rated as dangerously emotional, prone to Dotoyevskian fits of violence, despair, and afflicted with a yearning for governmental brutality and oppression. Belarus, on the other hand, traditionally has exhibited a bovine, peasant obliviousness which ought to win it a rating as even less emotional than Lithuania. Its emotional rating ought to resemble the moon’s.

The results are full of anomalies. Is Mexico really less passionate and demonstrative than the United States? Is Japan really as calm as Switzerland? Don’t these people watch any samurai movies?

On the whole, I think getting Lithuania basically right was merely a fluke. Otherwise, this map is mostly open to question.


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