08 Mar 2013

Cruel Wake-Up Pranks


The obvious question is how were so many perpetrators permitted to survive?

Via the Dish.

3 Feedbacks on "Cruel Wake-Up Pranks"

Karen Myers (the wife)

Oh, I don’t know… there were several items that gave me some good ideas.

We’ll see if you can recover quickly enough to exact revenge.

J Brooks

I always sleep with loaded pistols by my bed. I am sure others do also. Do you have any videos of those that sleep with loaded weapons close by being pranked? Granted, I have been married 38 years but I did sleep in open bay sleeping arrangements often in my 32 months in the Iraq combat zone- I don’t recall first- or second-hand knowledge of such pranks. I do remenber “incoming” alerts and I was armed, in body armor, and going to my post within seconds of awakening. Just as well for me- in Iraq or at home- I don’t think I would enjoy being pranked in these ways as injury could result. Thank you

Maggie's Farm

Wake-up pranks for Spring-forward night (DST) in the USA…

Good fun….


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