17 Mar 2013

Attention, Geezer Ludittes!

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Do you still pine for your college days, when the personal computer was a decade or more in the future, and the typewriter still reigned?

offers not-terribly-expensive conversion kits to allow you to use old-timey manual typewriters instead of that nasty new-fangled keyboard. Sorry, those slightly less geriatric who prefer electric typewriters (like the Royal I used to use, or the IBM Selectric) are out of luck.

Via the latest Yale Alumni Mag.

One Feedback on "Attention, Geezer Ludittes!"


That would be me! I lucked out with the odd juxtaposition of technologies. I wrote my Masters thesis on a typwriter but I was no typist. The paper could not be accepted with errors, erasures, whiteout or corrections of any kind. I can remember getting amost to the end of a page and making a mistake thinking my only choice was to start again. Then someone told me the trick. You use whiteout make the correction as cleanly as you can and then copy the paper on a quality copier machine and it looks like a a perfect typing job on a clean sheet of paper. My only question is what did they do before copiers?


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