26 Mar 2013

Jim Carrey Clocks in on Gun Control

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Tasteless and moronic video by Jim Carrey simultaneously sneering at rural America, insulting the late Charleton Heston, and blaming American gun owners for violence. If anyone ever doubted that Carrey is an asshole and an idiot, just watch this. He is so spectacularly stupid that he obviously thinks this is clever, and that the chain of consequences alluded to in the rapid patter, closing section of the song makes some kind of sense.

Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey from Jim Carrey


Greg Gutfeld, on Fox News, did not like it.

2:02 video

One Feedback on "Jim Carrey Clocks in on Gun Control"


Carrey lives in an echo chamber and believes that since most of the people he knows feel the way he does then most do and those who do not must be mentally deficient in some way. What bothers me the most was the bad taste and insensitivity he showed towards Heston. The left claims to care about diversity but as soon as your opinion diverges from their’s the long knives come out. Carrey is guilty of simple bigotry and intolerence of those he disagrees with. Luckily he has armed security…


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