09 May 2013

Tough Contest: Salma Hayek Versus Friederich Hayek

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Sex appeal versus philosophical depth, the ultimate libertarian showdown. In order to be fair, let’s have a sample of both Hayeks at their best:


“It would be impossible to assert that a free society will always and necessarily develop values of which we would approve, or even, as we shall see, that it will maintain values which are compatible with the preserva­tion of freedom. All that we can say is that the values we hold are the product of freedom, that in particular the Christian values had to assert themselves through men who successfully resisted coercion by government, and that it is to the desire to be able to follow one’s own moral convictions that we owe the modern safe­guards of individual freedom. Per­haps we can add to this that only societies which hold moral values essentially similar to our own have survived as free societies, while in others freedom has perished.”

— Friederich Hayek, The Moral Element in Free Enterprise, 1962

and the winner is?


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