13 Jun 2013

The Next Step in the Emasculation of Europe

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Humorous Japanese mensroom

The Inquisitr tells us that a predictably inevitable step in the leftist agenda has arrived in Europe.

Standing up while urinating may soon be illegal for men in Europe. Male representatives on the Sormland County Council and the Left Party are pushing for “sitting only” public restrooms. Exactly how the self-avowed socialist and feminist political party plans on enforcing the allegedly more sanitary restroom habits of males remains to be seen. Supporters of the law against standing while urinating also believe that male health will be bolstered when urinating while sitting on a toilet so the bladder empties more effectively, according to the Huffington Post.

If upright male urination becomes too politically incorrect to tolerate in Western Europe any longer, legal citations may soon begin flying. The Naked Scientists website notes that a similar movement is also brewing in Germany, France and Holland.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Chris Buckley.

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Is there no limit to the idiocy that liberals can conjure up?


This will facilitate universal uni-sex bathrooms. After all, it isn’t fair that women need more stalls that men. On the other hand if the libs were smart, they could always claim that urinals are only “half” stalls so women are obviously half again smarter than men… or whatever.

Lazarus Long

In the Uni bathrooms just pee on the seat and see how the next female, or feman, likes it.


“so the bladder empties more effectively”? Where is the evidence of that? Sounds like rationalization because there really is no good reason to require only sit down toilets.

Maggie's Farm

Friday morning links…

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Someone has the idea that making men´s bathroom behavior more like women´s bathroom behavior is “more sanitary?” In the first job I ever had, one of my “extra duties” was to regularly clean the mens and womens bathrooms. The mess in the womens bathrooms was always horrific. If only I could have used a fire hose to wash it down…..Women are more sanitary? I think not!

Marcy O'Rourke

My experience of European bathrooms is that once you leave the big cities, you’re lucky to sit down to do anything.


I got news for the clueless feminazis at HuffPo: The male bladder empties far more effectively standing up.

No two ways about it.

Colette Ball

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Preston Lincoln Shepard

Keep up the incredible work! I can’t wait to see what you write next.

Rosie A. W. Ross

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