27 Jun 2013

Life in a Nation Governed by 15-Year-Old Girls


Photoshopped version of: Vasili Pukiriev, Неравный брак [The Unfitting Marriage], 1862

An inclination toward, and willingness to participate in, perverted sexual acts does not really endow morally feeble and psychologically defective people with membership in a category of society carrying with it special recognition and privileges.

There is no such thing as a “Gay.” There are only perverted sexual acts. Gay is a fake, artificially-constructed category padded out with all sorts and forms of deviance and abnormality: with sissies, with psychologically-damaged and socially-maladapted persons obsessed with envy of the opposite sex, i.e., transvestites and female impersonsators, with pedophiles, fetishists, and with persons who are sexually stimulated by self-abasement. In Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria, for instance, there were “more than five sexes and only demotic Greek seem[ed] to distinguish among them. The sexual provender [was] staggering in its variety and profusion. You would never mistake it for a happy place.” The ranks of the suppositious Gay identity are filled with neurotics, neurasthenics, eccentrics, the rebellious young, females disappointed in love, persons desperate for some form of self-distinction, dabblers, experimenters, and fellow travelers, debauchees, trend-seekers, self-destroyers and substance-abusers. They are so desperate for numbers that they have even added to their “LGBT” self-styled designation people who mutilate their bodies and ingest the hormones of the opposite sex.

If membership in a culture best noted for offering oral sexual services to strangers in public lavatories entitles you to have the government invent a parody version of marriage just for you, why shouldn’t fishing pals, business associates, bowling team members, bridge partnerships, drinking buddies, and people who counterfeit money or rob banks together not also receive federal benefits? If sodomy is worthy of federal recognition, approval, and protection, why not polygamy, bestiality, and incest? There are doubtless people in California who want group marriages and others who want to marry objects of public infrastructure and redwood trees. On what logical basis can they now possibly be denied?

If indulgence in vice makes you special and gives you status and privileges, why are only sodomites being so favored? Alcoholism is commonly considered to be an inheritable infirmity. Like the homosexual, the boozehound has no choice about his inclinations. Clearly, Anthony Kennedy ought to sit down and find some appellate case to which he can arrange cert, and start drafting his opinion that rumdums are equal, too, and cannot be denied their rights to employment or to driving vehicles.

We obviously live in a society led around by the nose by an elite which is too stupid to live. Any appeal to emotion and sentimentality will reduce even the learned Supreme Court Justice, nominated by a Republican and entrusted by Fate with the deciding vote, to the intellectual condition of a pubescent female in early high school who has been reading Black Beauty.

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T. Shaw

You da man!


What do you mean? As soon as Alcoholics stop being Anonymous and form a victim group that Democrats can exploit, they will achieve favored status as well. You will not be allowed to fire someone just because they drink on the job.


Well said, I say!
In my opinion, transgendered IS the definition of mental illness. If a plum thinks it is a rock, does that change the reality of the situation?

A tranny who goes surgically from a male to en ersatz female is still a mentally ill person, castration fetishist, would be bottom or worse, just as before the surgery.
As a close female friend put it; after the surgery they are still not a woman. Not to me, not to any real persons. They will never conceive, menstruate, worry about getting, or not getting pregnant. They have not gone through life being concerned with these things and as such cannot truly understand these experiences. And to boot, without taxpayer subsidized operations and continual expensive hormone treatments will not continue to look “female”. The record shows very, very few who pay for this themselves.
If someone thinks they are Napoleon Bonaparte, it is much more sane to take care of them in such a way as to keep them safe and not allow them to hurt themselves or others. As opposed to giving them ten divisions and wishing them well on the way to Moscow!
Another rocking good post, thank you .

Rob De Witt

As a wise man once said,

“People who have gender identity disorders … are just dudes dressing up as chicks and/or dudes who have gotten a doctor to mutilate them to have imitation female genitalia (or [the other way around for women], I guess.) … GID patients have a mental illness and society should be looking into ways to eradicate that mental illness through some form of treatment that isn’t the equivalent of giving a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks he’s Napoleon a bicorn hat and a saber.”


I for one am sick of the homosexual public relations campaign which seems to have a goal of getting everyone to believe it’s all a mild variation of “normal.” Like you, I agree it is not; it will never be, and fails the functional test of sex. Ultimately all of this is about recruiting/discharge of guilt.

Would using the word “homosexual” universally instead of the euphemisms be a little something that those who dissaprove can do?


If marriage were nothing more than a sentimental fashion accessory to put the perfect touch of gravitas and pathos on the public validation of a hot romance, nobody would care about ‘gay marriage.’ But marriage is not that. Marriage is tough commitment for adults only wherein the human race is propagated, children cared for and inculturated in the larger society. For this reason society has always set limits on, expectations of and perquisites for marriages.

Marriage has been greatly eroded over the last sixty years, and this will accelerate that process. The aim, it seems to me, is to sweep away not only Western, but all civilization, reduce mankind to a mass of atomized, dissociated individuals to be reshaped in the image of the complaisant, State owned New Soviet Man.


Agree with Tamquam. The left has worked busily for several decades at undermining marriage and family. The reason is obvious: strong families, related by blood, are the best defense against an overambitious state.

Same sex marriage is, of course, ludicrous on its face, but was inevitable once sodomy was decriminalized. I wouldn’t persecute homosexuals, but having those laws on the books is sometimes useful.

Recently there were some articles in the European press about animal brothels in Germany which came about when sodomy was decriminalized. Laughably, the only reason they could come up with to eliminate them was that they represented cruelty to animals!



On the prosecution of bestiality as cruelty to animals, absurd yes, laughable no. I live in one of the most politically conservative states and that is the only statute available here for the prosecution of bestiality. Our homosexual sodomy statute was struck down by a “progressive” court before Lawrence v Texas.

What needs to happen now is a flurry of lawsuits in states that allow gay marriage to legitimize the few things that still offends society at large while they still have some shock value; eg incest, pedophelia, polygamy, perhaps even bestiality. It would serve several purposes; it would point out the absurdity and fecklessness of Kennedy’s opinion in Windsor; it would force the left to either capitulate on very unpopular forms of marriage or admit its hypocrisy as urged by Alinsky; and it might finally energize what’s left of the base. And that’s where we’re headed anyway. Nothing to lose.


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