07 Jul 2013

Gay and Fed Up

Jack Donovan is apparently gay himself, but he does not buy in to all the Gay Marriage nonsense and he’s not afraid to speak the truth.

The simple fact is that gay marriage IS going to happen in the United States.

It’s not going to happen because it is good or rational. It’s going to happen because it really doesn’t matter, and it makes people feel good. Gay marriage is a good distraction, something silly and fun that Americans can agree to agree on even as social fractures widen over issues that do matter – like gun control, immigration, foreign policy and what to do about widespread economic and political corruption. It’s an issue that the progressive puppet media can congratulate Americans for coming ‘round on – as Time recently did. Americans want to feel like their opinion matters, and siding with a change that seems to be inevitable empowers them. Americans want to be on “the winning side of history,” a desire as cynical as it sounds.

Sure, average Americans have finally decided they are “OK” with gay marriage, but at least 12 million average Americans have watched Two and a Half Men every year for the past decade. The fact that Americans have decided something is “good enough” doesn’t actually make it ”good.”

While drones fill the skies and the police state expands, millions of TV tray head-nodders can congratulate themselves for being “forward thinking.”

As for the rest of us, as for the men who are left…well, what’s one more fucking gross indignity?


What’s one more vile, stupid thing?

What’s one more petty emasculation, one more mockery of everything our ancestors stood for?

What’s one more used condom in the landfill?

People who get mad about gay marriage still think they can fix all of this somehow. With their “vote” or something, I guess.

Me, I’m not mad. At least, I’m not mad at the stupid gays for acting like stupid gays. I mean, if gay men were known for acting like great and serious men, “faggot” wouldn’t be an insult. There are a handful of pretty respectable homos out there, but most gays are sadly “as advertised.” Expecting gays to stop throwing flamboyant tantrums is like expecting Irish men to drink whiskey in moderation.

One can always hope.

No, go ahead and throw one more shit-stained rubber in the landfill. Maybe that will be the one. Or maybe it won’t. I don’t care anymore if gays get married in this society, because what I am really looking forward to is this society’s collapse. I want to see their Candyland, upside-down rainbow dyke future destroyed.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "Gay and Fed Up"


Last week the People’s Republic of California passed a bill to require California public schools to teach the “historical accomplishments of gay men and lesbians”. Exactly what are all these accomplishments we’ve overlooked? Were some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence gay? If so, how did being gay help than to win the war against George III? Or maybe King George was gay? Was Dolly Madison a dike? Where do you even find stuff to “teach”?

I am anxious to see what my daughter (who is a high-school English teacher in California) is going to have to teach. I know she teaches a unit on Julius Caesar every year. Oh wait, I’ve got it. It’s really Gaius Julius Caesar. She’ll just say that Gaius really translates to “gay”. That should work.

Remember, we’re all equivalent; no one’s accomplishments are any better than anyone else’s. So the only reason we don’t hear about more gay accomplishments throughout history has to be because they’ve been suppressed by the straights.


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