18 Jul 2013

Some Democrat Party Constituencies Are More Equal Than Others

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Drew in Wisconsin, at Ricochet, has a go at inferring the correct hierarchy of interest groups.

Recent events help illuminate a few things on the left.

    The Keystone XL pipeline demonstrates that environmentalists slot in above unions
    The Trayvon Martin case shows that it’s blacks over Hispanics.
    Reaction to North Carolina’s gay marriage vote last year suggests that Democrats favor gays over blacks.
    Women over men is too well-established to even be questioned.

Any examples where gays come in conflict with unions or environmentalists? That would help us figure out who really takes the #1 slot.

I think some of the left’s constituencies just naturally lack opportunities for conflict, but it should be obvious that left’s status hierarchy is founded upon specifically upon ressentiment, the inversion of values by which the loudest whiner and the leper with the most sores gets the top place.

If gays were more reflective, they might start thinking about exactly what their current very high position in the left’s roll call of constituencies says about what lefties really think of them.

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Demi Urge

Actually, I think immigration reform/amnesty is pretty revealing in terms of hierarchy. Working class white voters (i.e. union members) have long been a source of embarrassment to the more cosmopolitan power base of the Democratic party. Their reliance on them to carry states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan results in awkward compromises on things like gay marriage, gun control, etc. Amnesty is about off-shoring a sector of their electorate to another group that is unlikely to demand such departures from coastal elite orthodoxy.


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